June 13, 2011

The Magic is Gone

I walked beneath the trees one winter's eve
And followed paths I'd trodden as a child
The forest, then a land of make believe,
Does not now seem the half so harsh and wild.
These branches' barren claws no longer hold
The mysteries and dreams that once they held
When every tree was formed of faerie's gold
And every leaf shone like an emerald!

I hold my breath and then let out a sigh
When I recall those happy days of youth.
Were all those fantasies but just a lie?
Or were they simply shadows of the truth?
The magic's gone, it won't come back again.
The magic's gone, now only I remain.


Ginny said...

This is lovely Mark. Your poetry has such a beautiful flow to it.
It may feel like the magic is gone, unless you have young children in your life, whether your own or borrowed nieces and nephews. The magic comes back in their eyes, and we get to glimpse it and feel it briefly once again.

Holly@A Life-Size Catholic Blog said...

I actually held my breath on that line~beautiful!

kourtney said...

Ginny has a great point. I have always loved forests and their magical, mystical, enchanting potential. If you want the magic back, set up a scavenger hunt (or an easter egg hunt in the spring) and watch the joy on the faces of those who go searching for hidden treasure! =)

Mark Zellner said...

Ginny and Kourtney, you to have some pretty great ideas! Thanks for the tip, you're definitely both right that we can find joy in the experiences of children. I wonder if God finds a similar joy in us?

Glad to know you liked it so much, Holly!