June 25, 2011

June 13, 2011

The Magic is Gone

I walked beneath the trees one winter's eve
And followed paths I'd trodden as a child

June 8, 2011

Musings in the Mud

Blue and green.

I see a lot of it working on a Christmas tree farm. In fact with hundreds of acres of pine trees it's nearly all I can see. The deep vault of Pennsylvania sky bends in to touch the mountains, and the countless conifers around me rise to meet it. Lately however, the sky has been dark and overcast, shutting the valley in like the lid on a coffin.

Dodging Raindrops

Tonight the wind blows bitter cold
Arms tight, I fight to keep out the chill

Barabass' Cross

You opened the eyes of those who were blind
I opened the throats of the innocent

June 1, 2011

Candles in the Day

Four minutes into my first day at the Tru Value warehouse I heard every four letter word I know, and several I don’t (rather not ask, thanks). The conversation topics were as coarse as the jokes, though I’d better not say what the jokes reminded me of. I found myself sighing. This is clearly not going to be a pro-Christian environment to work in. I wiped at the film of sweat that had already settled on my forehead in the stifling air. Curses and shouts flew back and forth like snowballs. Dirty snowballs. This’ll be a long summer, God, I thought. It feels like such a dark environment, since not many here seem to know you.

May 25, 2011

The King's Banquet 3/3

1 - 2 - 3

He saw it then, rising tall in the distance. It was impossible to miss; a magnificent castle walling off the far horizon, its stones glowing ruby in the setting light. Stately towers seemed to uphold the sky itself. As he got closer he noticed the kingdom's emblem flying from a dozen different pennants: a key and sword crossed over the sun.

May 20, 2011

The King's Banquet 2/3

1 - 2 - 3

His first inclination was to make his way as quickly he could to the throne room. If what Sir Ephraim had said was true, the King accepted visitors at all times. Yet as anxious as he was to meet the King, a number of things held him back.

May 16, 2011

The King's Banquet 1/3

1 - 2 - 3

In a far off land there was a wealthy and prosperous kingdom. The King served his people well, offering them the very best life within his walls that he could. He ensured their safety, provided food and shelter, and made laws that were fair and just. The King loved his people dearly. In return, he only asked that they befriend him, visiting his palace from time to time.

May 11, 2011

The Stillness

Null silence, like an ocean, floods the air
And squeezes from our skulls all ordered thought,

May 2, 2011


I wanted to say something profound, but sometimes life just doesn't turn out the way we want it to, you know?

April 26, 2011

Tithing, Giving, and New Testament Believers

Kaitlyn recently asked me, "Should Christians give all of their tithes to the church, or are they free to invest their offerings in other ministries?" I found it to be an interesting question, one I have asked as well. In order to provide the most accurate answer I went through an in depth study of what Scripture has to say about tithing. I was surprised at what I discovered, and I think you will be too. This covers more than the scope of Kaitlyn's question, but it is necessary to understand my conclusion. Please, take a moment to discover what God's Word has to say about your offering.

April 19, 2011


I store my soul in a jar of ink
My mind within a quill

Dead Lighthouse

She stands abandoned on the cliffs.
Waves breaking themselves at her feet

April 17, 2011

The Scariest Thing Jesus Ever Said

It's no question that Jesus said a lot of inflammatory, shocking things during his earthly ministry. He said that no one can follow him who does not hate his father, mother, brother, and his own life. He said those who follow him will suffer in agony for their devotion. He said the man who looks back is not fit for the holy kingdom. Yet there is one particular thing Jesus said that is more frightening than anything else.

April 15, 2011


A sea captain from ancient Greece
Set forth upon the Golden Fleece

Tear Drinker

"Cry, fairest lass, weep bitterly for me.
Give passage to the agony inside.

April 13, 2011

April 12, 2011

Breathing Worship

I have found myself on occasion falling into something of a poor habit in my approach to worship.  The habit begins with a thought.  It is not, as things go, a terribly profane thought.  It is not even a very big one.  Until recently I hadn't noticed its presence.  Yet I am learning that - harmless as it seems - it may be the rash that tells of a deeper infection; the spot which harbors secret cancer.  Although I have not put it into words before, it more or less sounds like this:

April 11, 2011

April 10, 2011


When restless thoughts refuse to find repose
And futile ruminations meet with those

Closing Time

It's been a month now since I met him, the person who changed my life forever. And when I say that, I really think I mean forever. As far as I can see, there's no going back on this relationship. He promises me that he'll never leave me, that his love for me is eternal. I've been wrong before, but boy, I hope this is true. I suppose I'm getting ahead of myself.

The Old Man and the Mailbox

In a house all alone
On a street made of stone

Déjà vu

becomes life,


Life begins ending anew
where fangs, destroying flesh,

A Letter to Dad

Dear Dad,

How are you?  I hope things are going well.  It’s been a while since I’ve written you, I know. Sorry if the delay had you worried. Work has kept me so busy lately that more important things have been neglected.  Between teaching classes at the university, trying to raise three teenagers, and taking care of Mom in her old age... well, you know how it is.  Kelly tells me I’m lucky we didn’t have a fourth child, or else I’d turn into a Santa Clause dad: only around for the holidays, and then just for the cookies and milk!  Did you ever find being a father this difficult?

Vapor Trails

Tattered curtains dance
in the twilight wind

Creation's Song

Let all creation sing the Maker's praise
Let heaven's awe fill every human heart


The earth belongs to those who watch the sky
Who find within its vaults a grand romance


Bending round the world
a ring of steel


The man’s fingers trembled as he held the cold cylinder to his temple. It had to be now. There was nothing left, here, at the end. Beads of sweat skittered down his forehead. His breath came shallow and rapid. Funny, how all the times he’d considered the unspeakable, he’d thought it would be easier; emotionless. Despair had drained away his feelings in the preceding months, yet now, in the end, they returned. Every suppressed fear, every joy denied the chance to bloom; they exploded in his head like a series of bombs. It hardly mattered. He had no other options, no escape. When you reached the end of your rope, all you had left was to hang. His finger tightened.


There is a nail that splits the planet
Breaks the world apart

The Ballad of the Pauper King

There was a kingdom long ago in a country far away
Whose ruler was quite different from the ones we know today.

Coffee with Stan

I wiped a hand across my face as I put down the pen. I’d been at work on the coming Sunday’s sermon for two hours. Though it was only Thursday, I had made a long-term commitment to finish writing my sermons by Friday. This gave them time to marinate for a few days, allowing the message to sink into my mind. It also ensured a much less stressful weekend and provided time to spend with my family. Momentarily however, I was at a wall. The words wouldn’t appear on the page no matter how hard I stared at it. I decided it was time for a stretch.

Reclaiming the Wonder

Two old friends met who hadn't seen one another since high school graduation. One had left to study science and the other had gone to study theology. The theologian asked his friend, "What did you learn in university?" The scientist replied, "I learned that God is dead. What about you?" And the theologian said "I learned how to kill him."

The Catacombs

I feel him here beneath the ground.
The tumult of his massive roar

The Surrogate

My love is like the glory of a flower
That rises bold against cerulean skies

In Dreams

My eyes ease open with aurora's kiss
As a fantasy fades from sight

Does God Play Keep Away?

Over the past few weeks I've been talking with friends about unmet expectations.  One is dealing with regret for never developing deep and intimate friendships while at college.  Another can't understand why her talents continue to go unrecognized in interviews.  And many, many friends are facing the harsh reality of unrequited love.

April 9, 2011


The water that swirled down the drain was streaked with red. Randi watched it carry her pain away. Flowing from secret wounds, blood coursed down her body to the shower floor. There it ran in small scarlet rivers that turned pink in the water. And then it disappeared.

She showered every night before going to bed. It was where she found hidden relief; where blood flowed from cuts that no one could see. The steaming water poured over Randi and washed away the hurt.

Worship from a Cynic's Heart

A hip hop church service is a one of a kind experience.   The vibrant energy, already standard to ethnically black churches, was through the roof here.  Blaring synths and pulsing backbeats were enough to spike your heart rate.  And man! How everybody danced!  Like it was for the ancient Israelites, worship services in The House are a full body expression (you might even say a full body workout!).

And I must say I loved every minute of it.

The Forest in a Bottle

I found the strangest thing just yesterday
While passing by the fields of russet hay,