April 10, 2011

The Catacombs

I feel him here beneath the ground.
The tumult of his massive roar
A terrible and mighty sound
Echoes off these stones - rebounds
The war cry of the minotaur.
No man escapes the beast that roams
Within these cursed catacombs.

In dank and dripping womb of night
The thund'ring of his iron hooves
Shakes the planet's bones with fright
And spurs my feet to futile flight.
The hunter through his dungeon moves
With confidence, while I his prey
Despair in seeing light of day.

This labyrinth - its writhing walls -
Confounds my efforts to escape.
I'm trapped within the monster's halls
Until death's fated falchion falls
When shade betrays the demon's shape.
He comes for me, there is no doubt.
He comes and I cannot get out.

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