April 10, 2011

Creation's Song

Let all creation sing the Maker's praise
Let heaven's awe fill every human heart

And magnify our God, Ancient of Days,
For from, and to, and through him, all things art.

His loving mercy's present in the rain
Which nourishes a dry and weary earth.
His judgment fierce is in the hurricane
Whose raging winds cry out their Master's worth.

I feel his mystery in the morning haze
That hides the world from sight in sodden shrouds.
I see his glory in the sunlight's blaze
Whose blinding brilliance burns away the clouds!

The northern lights that dance among the stars,
The rainbow painted 'cross a sapphire sky,
All things, in chorus, praise this God of ours
All worshiping the name of the Most High.

The ocean's depths tell of the matchless grace
Which Yahweh freely offers unto all
Who in the rising moon behold his face
And in the falling snow discern his call!

His steadfastness is like the stalwart hills.
His faithfulness as certain as the dawn.
His beauty is the song of whippoorwills.
His tenderness is like the newborn fawn.

Yea, everything bears witness to his name
Which has its being in the Maker's hand.
Let all of earth and sky and sea proclaim
The wonders of the Lord throughout the land!

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