April 20, 2011

Siren Song

A promise on the bitter wind
sweet nectar from the lips of God
fills this hollow space within
now empty as a locust skin
upon the barren sod

Her voice, it beckons out to me
silken threads which tighten fast
shipmates warn that I should flee
these comrades who have crossed the sea
now bind me to the mast

Sultry, smooth and filled with lust
her song that will drive men insane
who tread upon its brittle crust
and breaking leave their spirits crushed
is buzzing in my brain

Oh glorious sight! I then behold
the queen of my temptation’s sin
dark passions raging uncontrolled
I lose my life and sell my soul
to a bitter promise on the wind

1 comment:

Netsie said...

I like this one, Mark. (Not being a word-smith, I have not much else to say. But I really like this one. Enough to actually tell you so. ;))